Ronaldo: Being a Better Player Of Messi Is My Motivation

Ronaldo: Being a Better Player Of Messi Is My Motivation

Cristiano Ronaldo said he always wanted to be the world’s best player. Although on the one hand, he often fears will be surpassed by Lionel Messi or even Neymar. But he made it his greatest motivation to continue to be the best.

The 32-year-old attacker, who won his fourth Ballon d’Or in January, became the favorite player to win the award for the fifth time this year. Following his achievements last season which led to Real Madrid grabbed La Liga and Champions League title of the 12th time.

Ronaldo and Messi have been rivals since the last decade. The two alternated each other in winning the individual Ballon d’Or title. If true this year CR7 will win the individual title, then he will match the achievement of Messi.

But the Madeira-born man admits that his rivalry with the Barcelona superstar is a healthy rivalry. In addition to making Messi as his motivation for the better, the names Bayern Munich players, Robert Lewandowski, and Juventus, Gonzalo Higuain, get into that list.

“To mention one player is difficult. But my level is like other sports: Formula One, NBA … The best players always follow the best players, “said Ronaldo.

“They want to be at the top level of the game because the others are there to follow. You can not relax, because the others will pass you, ”

“Of course we are fighting with all the players, with Neymar, Messi, Lewandowski, Higuain, with the best players in the world. This is not a fight but a healthy competition. We fight to be the best, ”

“It’s my motivation to be better than them, year after year.”

Ronaldo has won 19 major trophies during his career and was crowned by Forbes magazine as the richest athlete in June this year. Beyond Messi and NBA star, Lebron James.

However, Ronaldo expressed the one that became an important part in his great career is his beloved family.

“I was with Peter Lim, the owner of Valencia, and he asked me: ‘Cristiano, we have money, fame, everything. I have billions and trillions. But the most important thing is family. Take care of your family’s health. Keep them ‘. ”

“You have a private life, your boyfriend, car, home, fame, but in the beginning, your family is always beside you, in joy and sorrow.” (Source: FourFourTwo)

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