Totti Begins Working as Director of Rome

Totti Begins Working as Director of Rome

Francesco Totti had his first day as director of Rome, while Monchi made sure he was impatient to work with him Situs Poker Online.

The former captain hung his shoe in May after 25 years inhabiting the Giallorossi squad, and after going on holiday, he decided to sign a contract with the club by becoming one of the directors.

“Totti wants to know how the team works, seeing new players and the course of the training session,” Monchi explained.

“I know he’s comfortable with the new dynamics. I think he is one of the club’s best recruits, though not as a player. I can not wait to work with him.

“It’s a bit strange to see Totti beside me when I’m not wearing a uniform, but it’s also amazing that I will work with Totti next to me.

“In the near future he will be with us.”

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