Madura United Vs Arema FC, Gomes Expect Maximum Results

Madura United Vs Arema FC, Gomes Expect Maximum Results

Two seasons to coach Madura United, Gomes de Oliveira, still keep a sense of curiosity on the game against Arema FC.

The reason, Arema FC became the only team that can not be defeated by Gomes in normal time.

Gomes will try to remove the curiosity when met Arema FC in the 23rd week of League 1 at Gerola Stadium Queen Pamelingan, Sunday (10/09/2017).

The Brazilian coach hopes his side play well and can win.

“Arema are a good team, always like that, but we always play well against Arema,” the coach said.

“Only, so far the results are not on our side.This time, I hope to get maximum results,” said Gomes.

However, Gomes efforts to achieve maximum results will not be easy.

Greg Nwokolo certainly absent due to card accumulation.

Meanwhile, fitness conditions of Dane Milovanovic and Peter Odemwingie are still doubtful to appear.

Sape Laskar Often only have one foreign player who is ready to perform, namely Fabiano Beltrame.

However, this condition did not dampen the ambition of Gomes to win.

He believes local players Madura United have a good quality.

“I’ve talked to the players, they have good quality and have to help each other on the field,” he said.

“We do not need to rely on one player, we are compact and can give the best for Madura,” Gomes said.

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