Ronaldo’s Childhood Is Filled with Reckless Things like in Indonesia

Ronaldo’s Childhood Is Filled with Reckless Things like in Indonesia

Cristiano Ronaldo’s childhood was filled with desperate things. Ronaldo had to take extreme measures in order to hone his playing skills.

In Ronaldo’s latest article in The Player’s Tribune, Ronaldo recounts how he started playing this sport. Like the children of Indonesia, Ronaldo turned out to start the game of football from the streets.

“When I say the streets, I mean no empty streets,” said Ronaldo as reported from

“That is, the streets we use to play football really filled with vehicles passing by,” said Ronaldo.

Ronaldo even has a street football concept that is worse than that often played by Indonesian children. He plays the ball without making a goal, even with a stone marker.

“We also have to stop the game when the vehicle began to crowded,” said the former Manchester United player.

The Funchal region that comes from Ronaldo, is one of the poorest regions of Portugal. Naturally if Ronaldo started an introduction to football in ways that are quite extreme.

Fortunately good fortune sided with him. Shortly afterwards, Ronaldo joined the youth team Andorinha CF, where his father worked as a team gear officer.

In the team, Ronaldo got a decent training on the world of football that is now raising his name. As a result, Ronaldo has been transformed into a star with a fantastic salary. He won numerous prestigious titles, including four Ballon d’Or trophies and four Champions League titles.

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