Types of Poker Games

Poker is becoming one of the most loved games that can be played in leisure with the fam jam. This is played using a card deck with a certain ranking on the sets of the card. There are various types of poker games that one can opt to play. People are also certain about what is the best poker game to play. Let us have a look at some popular variants:

Texas Hold’em
The version of poker is the most famous worldwide game because of its simple rules and easy understanding. Texas hold ’em, which is played by two to ten people. They get five community cards face up, which can be used by all players in 4 rounds. It is the player who has the highest five-card poker hand at showdown who wins the pot.

7-Card Stud
In this game, the dealer hands out seven cards to each player, three down and four faces up. The odds of creating a hand go up with a 7-card stud because you have two extra cards. 

Chinese Poker
Chinese Poker has different game approach from the rest of the other poker games. This game involves the distribution of 13 cards in a way that two pacts consist of 5 cards each, and the deal has the remaining cards. This distribution has to be in such a way that it makes best for each hand.

5-Card Draw
It is amongst the simplest form of poker so, is an all-time favourite at home games around the world. It becomes a handy choice to try hands-on and play because it requires very little preparation. What you need is a deck of cards and a minimum of two players. The dealer gives five cards to each player. The players must use only those five cards to make a winning jack.

It is a type of mixed poker game that uses all the five games, Hold’em, Omaha, Razz, Stud, and Eight-or-Better. This game takes on mind, to remember which game is in roll and what hand has to be put to win the pot. HORSE is mostly played amongst highly experienced players that are experts in live games, casino, and tournaments. 

High / Low Chicago
You get the cards as in seven-card stud. There are two facedown cards, four face-up cards, and a final facedown card. You have five rounds of betting: one after every face-up card and the last game after the final card. The best card hand wins the pact.

Razz is different from the more traditional poker variants because the winning pot of the game is the reverse of usual games. It is to have the least ranked hand rather than the best. All these make for an exciting game.

Follow the Queen
Every player is given 7-cards in which the wild card has to be the next exposed card after a queen is flipped. Whosoever has the queen or close to it wins the jackpot.

Poker is increasingly getting popular amongst youngsters. Keep playing and slaying together with your friends.

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